Luxurious tuna fishing

I had the pleasure of fishing aboard the Royal Star on a 7 day tuna trip and it was by far the best fishing/boating experience I've ever had.  Besides being able to get away and fish the rails with my dad :),  the bluefin bite was phenomenal, the crew was professional and attentive, the meals by our chef were always interesting and tasty, and the weather was as good as it gets out there.  If there is such a thing as luxurious tuna fishing, the Royal Star out of Fisherman's Landing here in San Diego/Point Loma has figured something out.

Photography Notes:

I decided to bring a DSLR and a couple of lenses on this trip since we were out at sea for so long and the last time I went out I only had a GoPro (and regretted it).  The photo below was shot from the ship's upper deck with the tripod legs tied to the railing.  

Aperture: f9    Shutter:  1 second    ISO:  100    Focal Length:  11mm    Filters:  Variable ND

Editing: Adobe Lightroom 6 / VSCO Film (Pack 06 fuji 400H++ preset)